Cloud Migration Service:

We help you safely migrate and backup your data into cloud infrastructure

Cloud Migration Service:

Lia Infraservices is backed by industry leading experts in Cloud Migration services. This enables us to deliver complex and large scale data centre migrations into public cloud effortlessly.

We ensure 40% faster migration into cloud than anyone else in the industry. We focus on reducing the data transfer time, improve security, agility and intend to improve migration from existing infrastructure into the cloud platform in organised way.

Key Benefits:

  • Assured cost savings up to 75% with in 1 year of using our migration service.

  • Guarantee 95% data security after successful cloud migration.

  • Visible 70% increase in productivity due to quick data transfer.

  • 73% of chance to be a market leader with more agility and flexibility.

Migration Procedure:

We provide you with the seamless data transition from existing onsite computer harddisk to cloud or from one cloud to another. With minimal downtime and absolutely no data loss and at affordable budget.

Our best practices ensures you to access all your computers, with improvised network performance from across the globe at any given point of time.

Cloud Platforms

AWS Cloud Migration Service :
Classified into 2 categories of migration, which includes a specified tool to move the existing on- premises data to cloud.     Tool 1: AWS Snowball - Optimizing the Migration helps unrealistic large data to migrate. Needs better internet connectivity. Highly Cost effective and more secured.
    Tool 2: Amazon S3 - This process helps to recover the backup and stream into cloud. This ensures not all large data are migrate in one go. It prioritize the cloud migration with small and old data first followed by large old data.

Azure Cloud Migration Service:
    Azure cloud Migrationservice Helps you migrate app, infrastructure and data through suitable public, private and hybrid cloud based on type of file. It is highly flexible and cost effective.

VMware Cloud Migration Service:
    VMware cloud servicelets you use unique IP address and bandwidth to transfer you business data smoothly into cloud in secured way.

Database Migration service:
    Database migration service is the most challenging migration into cloud. It involves storing and accessing live data into cloud. It involves a lot of Down time and run time error.
    Database migration need not always be that complicated, we at lia infraservices associate with out partner “ River Meadows” manages full life cycle of Database migration.

Benefits of SaaS Tool

SaaS is a purposely build tool by our partner “River Meadow” in order to reduce the migration time, cost and risks involved in migrating physical, virtual and workloads between public, private and hybrid clouds effectively.

SaaS tool doesn't need any supervision to migrate data. It can effectively manage the migration of large data, confidential information into cloud, etc. It is more secured in identifying the error at the initial stage of migration process and inform the user with warning alarms. This kind of notification lets the user to identify the error and cure it immediately.

We feed your needs

We undertake effective cloud migration service from business of any size and provide solution for all your business needs. Lia Infraservices Cloud Computer Masters can handle complex situations and critical challenges occur during data migration process.
We do disaster recovery, data backup with zero loss and negligible run time error.

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